Sunday, 18 February 2007

Coal Mining in County Durham

Many Daglish families worked in the coal mines of County Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire, often living in mining villages which grew up around the pits. Life was hard and working conditions often dangerous.

For anyone interested in coal mining in Durham I would strongly recommend a visit to the Durham Mining Musuem web site. The site includes a wealth of material, including a history of mining, details of individual collieries with historical maps and reports of the all-too common disasters.

The site lists details of those who lost their lives, which includes the following:
George Daglish - died 1912, age 34, Browney
James Daglish - died 1876, age 13, Usworth
John Daglish - died 1894, age 20, St. Helen's, Workington
Stodart Daglish - died 1928, age 48, Murton
Timothy Daglish - died 1905, age 21, Dean & Chapter
Vincent Daglish - died 1961, age 37, Murton
William Daglish - died 1855, age 71, Littletown
I am grateful to Kev Duncan, the webmaster of the Durham Mining Museum site, for providing the photo above of the sadly neglected grave of Stodart Daglish at Murton Cemetery.

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