Friday, 10 August 2007

The Times Digital Archive

The Times newspaper is a valuable resource tool for researchers. The Times Digital Archive 1785-1985 can be accessed online from many libraries in the UK, with the possibility to search news articles, obituaries, editorials, features as well as classified advertisements. Searching for "Daglish" I found announcements of many births, marriages and deaths, together with some more general news items.

One entry under News In Brief caught my eye. This notes the death of Henry Edward Daglish in 1951 - the event appears to have been deemed newsworthy because Henry was apparently 7 feet 7 inches (The Times, March 16 1951). Henry was the son of Christopher John Daglish and Beatrice May Hambidge from Swindon, and his grandfather, John Daglish, had moved to Swindon from South Shields.

In the years 1968 and 1969, James Daglish wrote for The Times, with many articles showing that he was part of the Political Staff. I have so far been unable to identify who this James was - if anybody can help, please let me know. The article below is from August 1968 concerning one of the hot political stories from the time.


jmack said...

I have a grandfather clock made by R (obert) Dalgleish of High Street Falkirk c 1820. Have you any info on a possble connection with the Alnwick clockmakers or John & Laurence D of Edinburgh. John had an interesting time when Bonny prince Charlie occupied Edinburgh
John Mckechnie

Stephen Daglish said...

Hi John,
I am aware of Robert Dalgleish of Falkirk, although have never seen any of his clocks - and do not know if there is a connection with either the Edinburgh or Alnwick makers, although this seems quite likely.
An interesting question which needs more research.
Stephen Daglish

Anonymous said...

My last names Daglish, I am from Cumbria, england, where are you from?

Stephen Daglish said...

Hi, I live in the south of England - but my family history goes back to the North East, as do most Daglishes. I am in contact with some of the Daglishes in Cumbria and believe that the Daglish line in Cumbria also traces its history to the North East. Please e-mail if you would like more info.

Anonymous said...

I would quite like to know more about my history, what do you know about the cumbrian daglishs

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about it, what can you tell me about the cumbrian daglishs