Saturday, 8 December 2007

William Daglish, Methodist minister

During the time that I have been studying the Daglish name, I have received several enquiries about William Daglish, a well known Methodist minister. I was delighted this week to receive a photo of William as a young man.

William Daglish was born on 26 October 1901 in Kyo, Co. Durham, the son of John Daglish and Mary Addison. The following tribute is from the the Minutes of the Methodist Conference following his death in February 1960:

As the youngest son in a large Methodist family whose men were all engaged in the mining industry, it seemed natural that he should join them in working at the pit. He accordingly joined the staff in the colliery office and applied himself assiduously to his work.

At eighteen he was given a Note to Preach, and at twenty was accepted for the Ministry, to which he had incessantly heard a call from his early youth. Two years at Hartley College and probationary years at Harringay and Finchley, Pocklington and Eyemouth, were followed by terms at East London Mission, Buckley, Stockton, Hull, St. Helen's, Brandon, Deerness, and Stanley, his home circuit, where he will long be remembered with gratitude and affection.

As a preacher he was expository and devotional; he always had a sound message, and gently led his flock into the pastures of fuller truth. As a pastor he gave himself with that strong tenderness, modesty and fidelity which befit a man of God. He had a flair for administration and had disciplined himself in thoroughness, neatness and efficiency. In 1959 the enlarged Newcastle District called him to be Secretary for Chapel Affairs.

He had an affectionate and warm-hearted nature, and enjoyed sharing his truth, sympathy, and humour with every man. His friendships, increasing and ripening as he travelled, were as solid as his frame. He used the gifts with which he had been bestowed to glorify God along ordinary paths. He slipped peacefully away from this life on 25 February 1960, in the fifty-ninth year of his life and the thirty-sixth of his Ministry.

My thanks to William's daughter Audrey and to Louise for sending the photo. If you have any memories or information about William, please let me know.

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