Saturday, 17 May 2008

Richard Daglish, New Zealand

This is a photo of Richard Daglish which he signed and also wrote on the back "Taken "Somewhere in France" 10-1-17".

Richard was born in November 1892 in Tasmania, the son of James Daglish and Lydia Stevenson. James and his wife were married in Newcastle in 1884 and a few weeks later emigrated to Australia. The family later moved to Dunedin, New Zealand.

Richard's army service record shows that he joined the Dunedin Cycle and Signal Corps in 1909, going on to join No.2 Signal Company (Otago) before leaving for Europe in 1915 with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

He served first in Gallipoli and Somalia before arriving in France in 1916. On 2 January 1917 he was mentioned in dispatches by General Sir Douglas Haig and the photo was taken a few days after this. On 11 March 1917 he was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

In 1917 he was posted to England, marrying Mary Stewart Scott in Ryton on 5 February 1918.

The photo below of Richard and family is dated May 1918 and taken at the Kapai Studio, Dunedin. Richard also served in the Second World War.


dolmans said...

Thanks for giving me the information regarding Richard Dalish. Richard'd aunt as you know was my gt.grandmother, therefore Richard was a first cousin of my grandmother so a first cousin twice removed to me. Wonder if I have cousins of this branch still in New Zealand?

Brent Daglish said...

Richard was my 'Uncle' Dick. Sort a great uncle. My grandfather was Ralph and died when I was still young. His wife Eunice only died a few years ago.
Anyone got any info on those that got to NZ because I'd be keen to know how far back this goes. I understand there is an ocean history, we all love the sea.
Contact me on

Brent Daglish

Christina Daglish said...

haha creepy! he looks kinda like my dad who is named Richard Daglish and who lived in Dunners for the first bit of his life!!! WOnder if theres any relation???

Richard Daglish said...

Brent Daglish said that Uncle Dicks wife was Eunice, but Eunice was Uncle Ralphs wife. Uncle Dicks wife was Aunty Mary or May, she was english and lovely. She died when i was very young. I was named after my great Uncle Dick (Richard Daglish. Christina Daglish is my daughter. dolmans, we live in Christchurch and our phone number is 03 3516167. Hopes this helps out the historians. PS I have Uncle Dicks dress Gallipoli medal (The small one)
Richard Daglish

Stephen Daglish said...

Richard: thank you for leaving your comments.
I would be grateful if you could e-mail me at please.
With best wishes,
Stephen Daglish

Brent said...

Yes. bad mistake on my part. Ralph was indeed my grandfather though he died when I was young