Sunday, 15 February 2009

DNA Study includes Daglish name

A paper has recently been published by researchers from the Department of Genetics at Leicester University. This looked at 40 British surnames and their variants - including the names Daglish and Dalgleish.

Some years ago the researchers - Professor Mark Jobling and Dr. Turi King - contacted people with the surnames being studied requesting DNA samples. I know of at least two Daglishes who were contacted in this way at the time and provided samples. Under the terms of the study, the identities of the participants are confidential; the results are by surname only.

The results are interesting, providing some good matches with those in our own Daglish DNA Study. These include exact matches for the names Daglish - and some very close matches with the results for the name Dalgleish. This does seem to provide more evidence for a possible link between the names and I have now added the names Dalgliesh and Dalgliesh to the scope of the Daglish DNA Study to try to investigate this further.

The results of the study can be found in the Supplemental Table here, and the full article here.

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