Friday, 1 April 2011

Walking With The Wounded

Simon Daglish is co-founder of the charity Walking With The Wounded, which aims to raise £2 million Pounds to help wounded ex-servicemen.

The goal of the challenge is to successfully reach the North Pole with four wounded soldiers, of whom two are amputees. They will become the first amputees to reach the North Pole unsupported. The team has been joined by Prince Harry who is training with the team and will join them for the first five days of the trek. The aim of the team is to reach the North Pole around the 25 or 26 of April.

Picture: The Walking with the Wounded team trekking to the North Pole (L-R) Guy Disney, Simon Daglish, Edward Parker, Jaco Van Gass, Martin Hewitt, Steven Young and team leader Inge Solheim pose for a team photo as they train on the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen on March 31, 2011 in Spitsbergen, Norway.

For more information please see the Walking With The Wounded website:

Donations can be made here:

For details of Simon Daglish's 2006 Numis Polar Challenge to the South Pole, see:

Latest progress report:

On Top of the World

Late last night, four wounded servicemen have reached the Geographical North Pole unsupported! Setting a World Record, the teamed trekked almost 200 miles to achieve their goal and raise money for projects that help rehabilitate our injured servicemen and women. They reached the Pole well ahead of schedule and were absolutely delighted to have achieved their goal! They speak below from on top of the world:

Simon Daglish: "What an incredible thing to be able to and thank you to everyone for your support."

Ed Parker: "It’s been the most exciting, amazing, emotional day but we’ve done it and there were a lot of people who said we couldn’t."

Martin Hewitt: "We acheieve our aim, set a world record and we hope we have proved what can be achieved with the right team and equpitment and attitude. You can adapt and improvise and overcome challenges."

Guy Disney: "We are absolutely delighted, we got here in thirteen days which is much quicker than we ever hoped, everyone is in great form with just a few bumps and bruises and it didn’t stop getting challenging until the last minute."

Steve Young:"It’s unbelievable, we're sat at the top of the world tonight and loving every minute of it."

Jaco Van Gass: "Thank you everyone for the support, we can’t thank you enough! A lot of people said it can’t be done and here we are, at the North Pole."

Polar Guide Inge Solheim: "We’ve had a great trip, everything has gone well and according to plan and we have had relatively good ice conditions, stable weather and no serious injuries. We are very, very happy for how it has all turned out. We are there or four days ahead of schedule, which is great! Over and out from the North Pole!"

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