Saturday, 11 April 2009

Peter Daglish at Chelsea Futurespace

An exhibition entitled "Wall Hangings - A Collaboration" by Marian & Peter Daglish opened at CHELSEA Futurespace on April 15th and runs until June 21st. It is open 7 days a week from 11:00 am to 6 pm, admission free.

The brochure which accompanies the exhibition notes that the designs by Peter were produced by his wife Marian:

These works were made using the "Punchwork" method: Peter would draw directly onto stretched Osnaburg canvas, a type of coarse linen, which Marian then perforated and stitched using a hollow needle filled with yarn to create a kaleidoscope of vivid colour and warm textures.

Marian Daglish passed away in 2008, and the exhibition is a celebration of their life and work together.

CHELSEA Futurespace is a collaboration between Chelsea College of Art and Design, Future City Arts and St James Homes. This gallery is situated in the Hepworth Building at Grosvenor Waterside, a new residential development near Chelsea Bridge.

Address: CHELSEA Futurespace, Hepworth Court, Grosvenor Waterside, London, SW1W 8QP


Carol said...

Can you tell me if Peter has a son called Lucas?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he has

Fate's Adoption Journey said...

Peter, I've enjoyed your details on Sarah Daglish Rousseau. I do have the original portrait of Sarah & James Rousseau. I will review the details this weekend.

I again have really enjoyed your blog.

Tim Fate

Decendent of James & Sarah Daglish Rousseau.